Kitesurfing Kite: The Heart of Kitesurfing

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Every sport has a signature equipment. For other sports, it is the ball. For kitesurfing, it is the kite. The kite is the most essential equipment you need to look for first if you are serious about kitesurfing. The level of difficulty concerning this sport is dependent on the kitesurfing kite. It is important to have a knowledge about different kinds available so you’ll know what will suit you best. There are two main categories on the market—inflatable kites and foil kites.

What are inflatable kites?

Inflatable kites are known to float well, so they are often chosen by riders who’d like to ride on the surface of the water. The air inside the kites gives inflatable kites a distinct shape. There are many sub types that belong to this category. C-kite, which can easily be identified because of its C-shape, is considered to be a very difficult kitesurfing kite to master, making it very appealing for the seasoned pros. Bow kites are known to be flat and are known for their concave shape. A cross between C-kite and a bow kite are referred to as hybrid kites.

What are foil kites?

Unlike inflatable kites, foil kites don’t have air inside them. Instead, they are made mostly of fabrics with built in air pockets to provide lift. The advantage of foil kites is that they don’t have to be inflated manually, which for some riders can be time consuming. The classic foil kite is not for water use and thus is better used for other sports like landboarding. Valved foil kites can be used in the water and are known for their ability to be relaunched.

In choosing a kitesurfing kite, you need to consider your body weight and the wind conditions. Being overpowered by a kite can lead to injuries. The rule is to choose a smaller kind whenever unsure. Smaller kites are regarded safer, especially for beginners. However, if you have enough skills and would want to challenge yourself, you can have more power with a bigger kite.

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The material used for a kitesurfing kite will affect your performance and safety while at sea. Therefore in choosing a kite, you need to choose a good brand. A branded kite may be more expensive but it has gone through intensive quality assessment so you can be sure that you’ll be safe while using it. Also, be wary of buying a used kite. Some people get too blinded by bargains that they forget to check if the kite mechanisms are still working. Remember to check a used kite for rips and holes.

A good kite for a beginner is one that has good depower. This is because depower capabilities translate to safety. Bow kites are known for their good depower properties, so if you are fairly new to the sport, you can choose a bow kite as your kite surfing gear. Also, remember that the kite is comparable to an engine. The bigger it is, the more powerful, and possibly the more dangerous it is.