Bushnell Tour v2 Review

bushnell tour v2Your grip is an important factor determining the direction of the ball when you hit it. The direction of the ball is unequivocally linked to your success and thereby the enjoyment you get out of the game. So, in effect, the correctness of your grip directly affects the amount of fun you derive from playing golf.

The best golf grip tips are simple ones and the golf grip tips given here are also uncomplicated and easy to understand and follow. These tips can also be customized to meet individual golfer’s requirements.

It is usually seen that instructors insist that their wards learn the overlapping grip. Many instructors use this as their first golf grip tip. In the overlapping grip, you wrap both your hands around the club and lock the little finger of your lower hand with the forefinger of your upper hand. This is definitely a useful indoor golf practice net tip. For seasoned golfers, this grip offers the maximum comfort while holding the club. Nowadays, the baseball grip is making a re-entry into the golf scene and some players even registering great success with this.

Fundamental golf grip tips

In reality, it doesn’t matter whether you are holding the club with an overlapping grip or baseball grip. The bottom line here is comfort to the golfer, which will ensure that the Bushnell Tour v2 doesn’t fly out of your hands during the swing. Choose the most comfortable grip – this is the first golf grip tip. There are more golf grip tips based on the mechanics of the gripping action that is necessary for success in the game.

One good golf grip tip is to position your thumb on the shaft of the club, pointing towards the clubhead. Even without an overlapping grip, it is important to have the thumb of the upper hand placed along the club shaft, into the lower hand and the thumb of the lower hand positioned along the shaft of the club.

This positioning of thumbs firmly on the shaft of the club will help the club from turning over on impact with the ball and keep the shot straight. Don’t choke the club with your grip. Hold it with just the enough pressure to allow free movement in your hands, after making contact with the ball.

Keeping the fundamental principles of grip in mind, experiment with your golf grip to find the most comfortable and productive one. Only this will bring enjoyment and fun into your game.